Aerius Duel Action 12 Hour Non-Drowsy Allery + Sinus Relief - 30 Tablets

When plant pollen fills the air, you may find nasal congestion the most bothersome of all your seasonal allergies.

AERIUS® Dual Action 12 Hour combines the AERIUS® antihistamine multi-symptom allergy relief with the effect of a decongestant. It provides relief from symptoms associated with seasonal allergies with a specific extra action on nasal congestion for up to 12 hours.

With AERIUS® Dual Action 12 Hour, it’s all in one tablet.

AERIUS® Dual Action 12 Hour effectively relieves all of the following allergy symptoms: nasal congestion or stuffiness; sneezing; runny nose; itchy nose; itchy ears; itchy palate; itchy, burning, watery, red eyes.

Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, and certain other conditions should consult a physician before taking any medication containing pseudoephedrine.

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