Crest Pro-Health Smooth Formula - Clean Mint Toothpaste 70mL

Advance to Healthier Gums and Stronger Teeth* with Crest Pro-Health Advanced. Crest Pro-Health Advanced Deep Clean Mint Toothpaste protects your teeth from the acid erosion effects of everyday foods and relieves tooth sensitivity pain caused by sweet, hot, or cold food. Brush regularly to protect your teeth against cavities, gingivitis, dental plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

* Fights plaque and gingivitis. Strengthens enamel.
• Deep cleaning formula
• Healthier gums by helping prevent gingivitis
• Stronger teeth by strengthening enamel
• Extra deep clean's unique formula: Cleans beyond what you can see. Continues to work between brushings to fight plaque bacteria
• Protects 8 areas dentist check: Cavities, Gingivitis, Plaque, Sensitivity, Tartar, Whitening, Freshens Breath, Acid Erosion
• Strengthens enamel
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